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…In my word world. There are a lot of projects in construction, beginning of stories, different thoughts, synopsis, eroticism, photography… I just encourage you to play with the button provided to visit every page or work your mouse scroll wheel to look at every new things under on this page and others. Thanks a lot.

Have a nice trip in my funny world of words and images.


Mary Blue Melville

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My Benedict Butterfly



That you want or not, one day, you will are forty and, even though you don’t believe it, while we repeat it to you, we drum it into you, it will fall on you, like poverty on lower class, the mid-life crisis at forty! That’s all! And, it’s not necessary to balk! It’s like this.

But, perhaps, if you are ready to do it…


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A special area to show your every text of fiction, poetry, philisophy, eroticism

and also to read my new stories, novella and other writing,

finished, current, in gestation or building…


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Biography & Fairtrade


It’s not it gets bored me

but it bugs me a little bite

you want to know my life

while honestly,

there are a lot of

very much interesting things else…

But if you insist on, that’s too bad for you !

Mary Blue Melville

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If you liked or, better, loved what you read and you are itching to talk with me…


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Let be comfortable and have a good time...


picture of Mary Blue Melville

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My Benedict Butterfly

illustration for chapter of My Benedict Butterfly, novel of Mary Blue Melville

A novel of … a nervous breakdown.

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Ghost Munster

illustration for Ghost Munster, a novel of Mary Blue Melville

A novel with…

spirituals and witty adventures

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A very special game

Illustration for A very special game, a novel of Mary Blue Melville


A novel full of suspense

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A new page to see my photographies and read my words while my misguided ways…

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Welcome home Mary Blue Melville.

Just to write and photograph.

Because I spare you my singing exercice, my painting, my videos, my diy, my cook and my fly of lyricism.

Bunch of jammy bugger !



let's go...

Friend’s bedroom

Your little words or the beginning of a great work, as you want. Anonymous (for readers, not for me. I'll never edit your text if I don't know who you are. I warn you, you're warned) or in plain sight, you just have to tell me. This space, it's your space.

My Words

PavésBleusObviously, I'm sure you think that I put too much pictures on my author website... It's not just to decorate it but to get you to sleep and outwit your vigilance, and at this point, infiltrate your mind ready to receive  My Words, medium of your dream...

Don't search, you are hypnotized. That's all.

So well, you let go and read my book, yes or shit!

(Sorry to be so rude, it's a french obligation...)

Oh yes, I know, you can't read my texts, they aren't translate, only some of them : beginning of "My Benedict Butterfly" and "Ghost Munster", presentation of "A very special game", first text in "Hero-ticism" series, all texts in "misguided ways" and tow of Tv series. It's not only for french but, I recognize that, essentially for them for the moment. I promise to make my possible to translate them.

I have the project to live in England to be completely bilingual by the way. You can see that I'm very decided for! And if you want to help me to realize my English dream, I will be very happy to read your suggestions and better your propositions of work! Thanks a lot...


Mary Blue

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