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“Treacherous smell”

One episode of TV series 2 « Sherlock »


At the beginning, I had an idea about a French scientist, Patricia Caprice. A woman very brilliant who had indexed the most smells never listed and order them by species: vegetables, minerals and animals and by means:  reproduction, death, stress, fullness, etc…

She was particularly interested by human smell because of the extraordinary complexity of combinations of this one, being sociopath and her great and desperate wishing to understand her contemporaries.

Obviously, she’s brilliant but a little bit confused in understanding of human emotions in anyway her wishing of doing the right thing. And, she doesn’t often. For example, she thinks that shouting slang 5 minutes every day morning is the best thing to begin a day in positive attitude. And this anyway she is alone or not! Which seems strange or inappropriate sometimes because of her little inability to understand human reactions and consequences.

In the same time, because she studied and ordered a great part of meaning scents and developed a particularly fine sense of smell, she smells precisely everybody scents or odors and knows exactly your profound feelings you won’t to show. That is sometime terrifying. Absolutely the same feeling when you meet Sherlock but almost worse, because of her very clumsy try to be gentle in the beginning! She never be gentle more five minutes, she can’t, “too much exhausted” for her as she said.

She worked and searched very hard and needed always to go in her memory, her mental palace.

And because of that, she had to find a way for concentration as Sherlock has searched. After smoking, that spoiled her sense of smell, shit!, meditation that was too much long, bullshits!, making house of cards that drove her nuts, bloody fucking cards! Naturally, her search leaded her to found the only way she could be precisely an expert in: sex!

She learned the ‘Kama Sutra’ and body’s vital spots and erogenous zones. She listed fragrances which arouse senses and became an expert in sex. She made a list of partners who had special feature to a special concentration and a method to inflame her partners and herself sometimes quickly, sometimes with preparation and always efficiently.

It’s very important to know that because of Russian secret service, US Italian mafia, professional killers, Mycroft and Sherlock… very very complicated politic case.

In the same time, the idea about a blind and deaf witness who can talk only with signs on the palm of the hands grew up in my imagination.

He is the only witness of a murder but nobody knows it. He is black in his 60’s and very quiet. He’s escorted by a guide. His guide, a pretty woman in her 30’s, explain to Sherlock she is very worried by the story which he told her. He never stop to say: “Death is come back! Death is come back! I smelt it”…

And what about the criminal case in this episode?

By hazard, I read in my learner English book when I studied it, the case of the murder of Jill Dando which happened on the morning of 26th April 1999. The killing of popular BBC journalist and TV presenter of “Crimewatch” has baffled police and crime experts for many years… Actually, an irritating case made for Sherlock who hates this particularly type of TV show so obvious, of course! And a special case with obscure politic way, government secrets and criminal traffic…

After that and because of my particularly perverted humor and being an actress, I imagine a sex-love story between the virgin Mycroft and the sex expert’s scientist Patricia.

A lot of pithy scenes flourished in my mind…

To be continued

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