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“What about the world, Miss Smith?”

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The beginning:
The social time-lapse phenomenon, a new concept about the reduction in time because of booming mode of communication, has consequences on the brain’s development and human behavior. Scientists discovered that the part of our brain which is dedicated to anticipate distant future is developed when we bore and dream. But the problem is with fast communications and fast transportations this part of our brain is reduced for the benefit of the part of immediate satisfaction. The direct consequence is our incapacity to anticipate the distant future because our brain is always requested by a lot of urgent and non-urgent things. And we are more and more unable to distinguish the good way from bad and take the best decision. If you put it in a real context, you can understand how this fact has to transform our world and relationships.

So imagine a laboratory with a scientist. He or she proposes to the audience on each episode to take a witness: Miss Smith, an ordinary woman in her 40’s with common appearance and a special strong and endearing personality, and let’s play and seat her in different situations to understand why and how the world is changing. Sentence for the end of each episode: ‘If you have to change one thing in your busy life what will you change? Think about it …’
One episode, not necessarily the first: Miss Smith in a trader’s world.

So, social time-lapse, a reality for all… What about for a trader’s lifetime and consequences for the world? Let’s seat Miss Smith in the trader’s world, and because of her personality, look at her reactions to her boss’s rudeness, other personal assistant’s scorn, absolute indifference of the trader about own stupid calculations and consequences and unconscious and stupid admiration of all other secretaries and accountants for bosses. Miss Smith, a personal assistant in this episode, with exasperation and the help of her friend Dee Dee, tries to save the world against her boss Mr. Bore, a very unpleasant financial trader and she fails every time.

The story is set in a great financial business company. On the higher smart and hushed floor, bosses are just preoccupied with financial results and their sexy self-serving secretaries are just interested into satisfaction of their social ambition and everybody make money; organize financial law in the world and a silent but very violent war between themselves. On the lower noisy and cluttered floor, secretaries, accountants and the cafeteria, all employees are just busy themselves with gossip and serve the “higher”. In between, one super secretary: “Miss Smith”. She’s conscientious and absolutely devoted. She’s a silent and very precious help for the sexy personal assistants and a chief for the “lower” with a lot of authority and efficiency.
Everything is going very well, Miss Smith is swimming in a blissful ignorance of the war between her bosses and the revolting results on the world, and the sexy personal assistants are using her for their own ambitions, until Mr. Bore become aware of the importance of Miss Smith. At this time, he doesn’t have a personal assistant because of a “loan” from another boss. He wants a new faster because “time is money!” and he understand that it would be in his interest to have Miss Smith as his personal assistant, sadly not a sexy personal assistant but a very efficient for his machinations. From this moment, Miss Smith will never have a good conscience because she will have to understand the real activities of her bosses and she won’t have to face anymore the “lower” staff rebellion. But she’s so obstinate and so conscientious that, with her friend Dee Dee, another secretary of the “lower”, each time she tries to do a very good job and however save the World. Of course, it will be so difficult and complicated that she will make a lot of little and big catastrophes for this world in each episode…

TV series 2 (ev)
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