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Welcome in my imaginative and chaotic world.




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Two novels are in gestation.

It’s about a detective serie (one volume for a start) and a big saga (9 or 12 volumes, story will tell me).

I present you the context and outline, as well as extract.

Your feeling will be very appreciated obviously.

Good discovery,

Mary Blue



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Novels & short stories



In this little dump, there are a lot of texts from my daydream.

Some of my wandering along fold of labyrinth of my brain.

This space is a space of total free and, specially because of that,

I provided to share it with you and let you to drop off

your precious sprinkles, which be poetic, funny or scientific in your turn…

So, here, let’s discover us…


To read

Ciné & TV


Because pictures and stories, it makes often movies,

I have inscribed some of them on paper.

And then, it makes me laugh to imagine

new episode with characters I like

in situations I flee.

It’s my part of sadist and adventurer

of herbal tea drinker in sofa…

To read

Stories in my head...


My maaaaaaaaaaaad world!

You guessed it my job, my passion, my fun time and my nightmare, it’s to write.

So, I have a big production of all sort of ideas.

I don’t tell you that they are all good or even interesting, you will decide yourself, but as I have a lot of things in my head and not a lot of serious partner to make my job, I’m waiting ever BBC call me but I’m not sure to send them anything, it’s stupid, anyway, I submit in first, privileged you are, all my frenzy to you. We will decide together if I can do something with it.

So, I need your opinion. And because I know that some of you never hesitate to give it, tell me what you want like story to dream or laugh or cry, on this website, by email or on the web.

That’s marvelous, isn’t it? To can choice what you want to read.

Ok, but don’t dream too much, at given moment, I will have no time for this fantasy, so hurry up to write me…

Be right back so!


Mary Blue


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