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But, said I, it will be just your decision to not go down, to react, to transform this very painful moment for your feeble behavior, only if you have means, into a second blazing round as caterpillar into butterfly…

Of course, Sabine, who bears the consequences of it, perhaps wouldn’t agree with this.

Nevertheless, if it’s intrigues you, you could follow her frightening, hilarious and irritating adventures which would give you feeling less alone.

Sometimes, it makes feeling good…

To see other in the sh… difficulties.

So, if you are fed up with, or even, if you are just tired, this novel is your novel. To read chapter by chapter, every day, this is my proposition. To make last suspense, it’s foundation of a story, to get on your nerves, don’t play frightened virgin, you love that! And, finally, to kneeling down you and plead with me to continue or stop it… but to know that, obviously, you have to beginning the novel…


My Benedict Butterfly

The novel which change you inside you in an underhand manner…


Of course, you already read an adventures novel and…


You’re joking!

Remember! It’s a story with one hero who’s in the shit with a mission to do but it’s very hard because he takes it right in the face then he’s always stopped by people to protect, bad people to beat who make him to waste his time, lose his teeth and his best friend, in generally best friend it’s his horse because he hasn’t some other, he has no time.

At a point, he understand he have powers, but he don’t how to use its, er… in the beginning, at least, so he lose time, he don’t know which way to turn because, with this, a girl turns hero’s head and, finally, nobody knows how, not more than hero by the way, he success his mission in firework of fight, magic and exacerbated emotions. And this every things happen in fantastic world or in marvelous place on earth.

That’s it? You get it?

Gooood! So well, it’s exactly what’s happened for me. Except that, me, I’m a forty women, everything happened in my home, or almost, that I have friends but no horse, and even less power… that’s not sure anyway, and the only magic which I know, it’s the power of my washing dishes to make job instead me. And yet, I lived a novel of adventures! Yes, I did! – No, drop it, Sabine! They couldn’t understand, they believe that life is just juice of stress and layer of boredom. – No! Really? Are you sure? Because I would share with you my adventure’s novel. I would live again with your company my astronomical life…

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My Benedict Butterfly. Chapter 3

My Benedict Butterfly. Chapter 3 Forty minutes to save her.   …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. TilahuteTilahuteTilahuteTilahuteTilahuteTilahuteTilahuteTilahuteTilahuteTilahute   Manu puts his foot down. Just one crossroads. Here we will be in two minutes. – HERE WE WILL BE IN TWO MINUTES, YANNICK !… Yannick pumps Sabine’s heart. One, two, three. Bob blows up Sabine’s lungs. – TWO MINUTES ?! Yannick exclaims. This or eternity, if this is continuing, it will be the same. Anyway, we have only forty minutes to save her, now. Come on, Mrs ! Don’t drop us, here we are almost… Yannick, while talking, continues to massage Sabine’s heart… – Come on, come on, come on… Just a little bit more, hold on just a little bit more… Nothing a little some more… … Shit! So, do her a fix, bob !… Wait… It seems… Come on, come on… Breathe, breaaathe ! … YES ! Sabine breathes again. She moves scarcely her lips but we can hear clearly sounds. Some sounds loop. Intrigued, Bob leans toward Sabine to listen to her better. – … bed…oom… ink… owder… – It’s crazy ! She speaks ! In the middle of CVA, she speaks!! I have never seen that ! – Wonderful ! And what does she say ? Yannick asks while going down stretcher. – I don’t know, a thingy like bedroom, pink and powder… – Pink powder in a bedroom ? What kind of drug could it be ? – She’s not a junkie, Yannick ! Answers Bob while looking to Sabine, thinking with eyes in vague. She is tired, corned at her home, she’s annoying herself and she dreams about a scattered of roses in her bedroom. That’s all !… No, this makes me to think more about... read more

My Benedict Butterfly. Chapter 2

My Benedict Butterfly. Chapter 2 SABINE   What? What did you say? What did you mean by I let you? What do you mean by you’re loosing me? Find me, but find me quickly! I’m here! You can see that I don’t move! It’s true that, I don’t move. I don’t move anymore. No longer at all. I’m inert like dead… DEAD! Eh, but no, no, no, NO! I have a lot of thingy to do! Very important thingy! And urgent! I have to do… I have to do… I have… What have I to do again?! I know that it’s urgent… Rhaaa, that it must be writed somewhere… Where is my shopping list? Milk! Milk was missing! Or water… of life… Eau de vie! That’s it! It’s my last chance and I have to buy some eau de vie! Hemmmmwelll, I’m not sure… No, this it’s sure, it’s I have to do, no, to finish something… but… what?! FUCK! We’re there! I get distressed. And where are you going with so much promptness around… on… and in my body? Eh?! You’d gladly be familiar with me, I find! AND TAKE OFF YOUR BIG HANDS ON MY LITTLE PRETTY BODY WHICH DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO YOU! Geez!? But! What do you d…. mmmmm… BUT STOP TO GET HAULED ME OVER THE COALS, MISTER! I CAN’T BREATHE ANYMORE! Arggghhhhh! Help me! Some air please! I suffocate! WHAT’S HAPPENED?!!! ANSWER ME, GOOD GOD! When have it begun? How have it started? Where  can I take again the thread in the circle? HELP! Tell them to let me quiet! No! CONTINUE! I’m in pain! Tell... read more

My Benedict Butterfly. Chapter 1 : Prologue

My Benedict Butterfly. Chapter 1 : Prologue   My Benedict Butterfly.   Preambule A man, with authority, half-opens Sabine’s lips, put his lips on the one of Sabine. An other sits astride on Sabine’s body and massage and massage and massage Sabine’s heart which is failing. Ambulance wails with its every sirens. The vehicle speeds by. Time flows by also and, from Sabine’s body, life escapes. – Good heavens Manu, speed up! We’re loosing her. She lets go! Miss! MISS! STAY WITH US! … Shit!... read more

Friend’s bedroom

Your little words or the beginning of a great work, as you want. Anonymous (for readers, not for me. I'll never edit your text if I don't know who you are. I warn you, you're warned) or in plain sight, you just have to tell me. This space, it's your space.

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PavésBleusObviously, I'm sure you think that I put too much pictures on my author website... It's not just to decorate it but to get you to sleep and outwit your vigilance, and at this point, infiltrate your mind ready to receive  My Words, medium of your dream...

Don't search, you are hypnotized. That's all.

So well, you let go and read my book, yes or shit!

(Sorry to be so rude, it's a french obligation...)

Oh yes, I know, you can't read my texts, they aren't translate, only some of them : beginning of "My Benedict Butterfly" and "Ghost Munster", presentation of "A very special game", first text in "Hero-ticism" series, all texts in "misguided ways" and tow of Tv series. It's not only for french but, I recognize that, essentially for them for the moment. I promise to make my possible to translate them.

I have the project to live in England to be completely bilingual by the way. You can see that I'm very decided for! And if you want to help me to realize my English dream, I will be very happy to read your suggestions and better your propositions of work! Thanks a lot...


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