Bravos and lot of thanks


Like at Oscars…


A page to thank everybody.

A page to do like at the Oscars and cry, and laugh, and fuc… bore…

But ever with classy and sophistication.




I want to thank whose one tolerate me and help in this hard work. I nominate…


Isabelle Ostermann

If you want some help or, work placement, or even you have money, and want a website, don’t hesitate, call her.

With le web facile, it’s easy… alsmost.

And because it was sometimes very difficult to tolerate me, particularly when website don’t want to do that I want it to do…

I nominate…

Pierre Delye, author, storyteller

Follow him on facebook to chat or read his books in Didier Jeunesse. Editor

And finally, I would thank everybody who help, tolerate, make me compliment on my work, sometimes, every time or just one. I nominate…

(Here, It’s the moment when everybody cry, because of my thanks, because of boring too much or laughing because they are just sarcastic people and bad minds, les sales vaches -translate yourself, it’s slang -…)

Bruno Zancolo.

For his very gentle reading and efficient also. Thanks, thanks, thanks…

Pascal Louis.

You can follow on Face book or on his website films Because of his exceptional and wonderful help on my short movie and his precious advises. Thank and kiss comrade

Luc Deborde

des éditions HUMANIS. Because of his enthusiasm and marvelous compliment on my style. Absolutely! Not in english of course… I have too much french style in english


Dominique Walbron, Mélanie Vlérick, Anne Verheyde, Florence Biziaux (La compagnie Hautblique to follow on Facebook) and Willy Claessens

all my friends who believe in my talent that it’s confuse me every time. I kiss you very hard, obviously.

And because this is english version, I want to make a special thank to

Tracey Lee,

my wonderful teacher in U.A.L .of London.

All my friendly

Mary Blue Melville.

Come back Welcome

Friend’s bedroom

Your little words or the beginning of a great work, as you want. Anonymous (for readers, not for me. I'll never edit your text if I don't know who you are. I warn you, you're warned) or in plain sight, you just have to tell me. This space, it's your space.

My Words

PavésBleusObviously, I'm sure you think that I put too much pictures on my author website... It's not just to decorate it but to get you to sleep and outwit your vigilance, and at this point, infiltrate your mind ready to receive  My Words, medium of your dream...

Don't search, you are hypnotized. That's all.

So well, you let go and read my book, yes or shit!

(Sorry to be so rude, it's a french obligation...)

Oh yes, I know, you can't read my texts, they aren't translate, only some of them : beginning of "My Benedict Butterfly" and "Ghost Munster", presentation of "A very special game", first text in "Hero-ticism" series, all texts in "misguided ways" and tow of Tv series. It's not only for french but, I recognize that, essentially for them for the moment. I promise to make my possible to translate them.

I have the project to live in England to be completely bilingual by the way. You can see that I'm very decided for! And if you want to help me to realize my English dream, I will be very happy to read your suggestions and better your propositions of work! Thanks a lot...


Mary Blue

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