In the wood, the woman…

La Guinguette

In the wood, the woman…


Eyes and wood par Mary Blue Melville

A trip in woods with a fairy and her little creatures

by Mary Blue Melville

Assisted by Mélanie Vlérick

Woods murmur, I say myself, while I infiltrate myself among them but while I lost myself taken by my fantasy away, suddenly woods become quiet, curiously quiet. So much curious than they come to meet me…

les bois murmurent par Mary Blue Melville

les bois silenvieux par Mary Blue Melville


une femme de chair et de bois par Mary Blue Melville

Then, an extraordinary creature of woman and wood appears in front of me, so much beautiful and alive, that she is upsetting. And because of that, in the same time, she distresses me, attracts me, captivates me, terrifies me.

I fancy with equal desire to throw myself into her’s wood and flesh arms to feel me alive than to run away while shouting because of my fear to feel finally and suddenly too much alive. It’s just heart-stopping and I’m stupefied.

Eyes and wood par Mary Blue Melville


I have nothing to say because a strength takes me away and I feel so light that any thought throws my mind. Only flow of life runs and I see her, the wife of wood and flesh. She is the frog which waits just by the roadside, while throwing…

Little frog by a froggy par Mary Blue Melville

In this bumblebee, which is buzzing and sucking thistle, and I see her in this thistle what she is and gives herself with delight.

Le bourdon goûte le chardon par Mary Blue Melville

And in this beetle which runs on her mask of bark, she is already so much beautiful…

Scarabée écorcé... par Mary Blue Melville

But, suddenly, beetle gets itself dressed to fly and I feel myself to shrink.

scarabée prêt à l'envol par Mary Blue Melville

Tunnel à lilliputien par Mary Blue Melville

Then, every thing become extraordinary, every thing is essential, important and I understand all of sudden someone offers me happiness.

grandeur des conifères par Mary Blue Melville

herbes folles devant les grands arbres apr Mary Blue Melville

tro(nc) de boulot par Mary Blue Melville

Someone removes me my unnecessary doubts, someone persuades me to believe in my importance, not more, not less, and that it’s so stupid to deny certain parts of me and add value too much other.

I understand it will be as to remove insects and to keep the most big and venerable trees.

I understand that it will be as to make me to die…

troncs pétrifiés par Mary Blue Melville

It’s to make me to die

Abruptly happiness flies away and I come back in my body, I get back in my mind that our humanity makes so labyrinthine and I am overcome by panic again. But, this time, I know that one. It is a old friend, even here before my meeting with the woman of wood and flesh and, now, I know that is not a bad being. It’s an alarm that all my conscientious send me from the deep of my soul. A shout which come about this place, this abyss where I discarded a part of myself that I forgot and which wail desperately. It warns me tirelessly I take me away of life. It warns me I am just a dead woman who miss out on the life, miss out on my life…


Ma nature par Mary Blue Melville

The creature of wood and woman fades in a whisper already and disappears.

She lets me alone with my terror but not without a new certitude, the one to gather me and live finally and really on this living earth. Earth which just gives me a little bit of its life, which just takes me life.

I raise my eyes to Heaven as to pry it to help me then suddenly joy jump in my hart. I see her. She’s here, in the sky. She never leaves me. And I feel, in reality, she never abandons me.

les ailes de la liberté par Mary Blue Melville

For all this marvelous ideas, the wood mask, it was she, for her lightness and her friendly, I thanks so much Mélanie Vlérick. She carried me off this woods, thanks to her, closed her home in north of France, near a little town calls Bousies. For she, I put a last pictures. This one of her special tree…

auprès de mon arbre... par Mary Blue Melville


La Guinguette

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