Hero-ticism 3

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Hero-ticism 3

Ticism 3

illustration for hero-tisme 3 by Mary Blue Melville

Io, transformed into a heifer to escape Hera’s retaliation, was lamenting. She was missing her lover, the handsome, the fiery, the magnificent Zeus. And her heifer body was moaning the desire of being ridden again.

However, while the beautiful Io, personification of nature in her white cow dress, was aspiring at more exciting activities than to eat Hera’s lawn who she belonged to now, Zeus in love with the sweet Io, was suffering from being away from her.

‘Oh Gods!’ sighed Zeus, looking at his hurting limb, ‘I miss her so much! My sex has been missing her since he can’t penetrate his hot beloved Io. I’m going to turn insane if I don’t let her milk me again and spill her my holy semen!’

Zeus, who was thinking with his genitals, and that wasn’t quite helping him, got nonetheless a bright idea. He, finally , used his divine powers to transform himself into a bull, the champion of the Bilbao fair type, all muscular, overflowing with sexual might. Then, all primed, Zeus “sneaked” off to his so desired lover.

‘Holy cow! What a beautiful Bull!’ exclaims Io seeing the divine animal.

And Zeus, flattered by the rapture he brings, comes toward her. He points his tool with pride, a gigantic rod overflowing everywhere that his animality permits him and enjoying with hiccoughs of surprise and sighs let out by his beautiful cow. But he parades a little bit too much, carried away by his divine vanity, and Io finishes to moan because of prolonged wait. Her desperate cries pierce tumid bull hart. So, unable to wait anymore and coming back in an animal reality, Zeus accommodating himself to his monumental priapism and Io suddenly forgetting her heavy bovine body, they are rushing to each other with their dilated nose.

And then, be only on their animal instinct, they frolic, frolic, frolic and the legend don’t tell anymore because, at this point, Gods, calf, cows, pigs and humans, everybody knows from which side the wind turns, and what for it is question.

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