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Ticism number one…


The EYE was in The Apple and it stared at Adam.

But, at the dawn of this tenth day of the coming of Eve, Adam, far from being afraid, stares at the shape of this EYE, hemmed of hairs which remembers him another and which he has been observing since, say, a good ten or so days.

Suddenly, pressed by a vague feeling of urge, he leans his head down and looks at the special thing which lives at bottom of his stomach and calls to him constantly for, around.., well… ten days. And at this precise moment, this special thing is hardening and going up like an arrow while pointing him direction. Adam, following indication, raises his eyes and sees Eve. She’s just perching in the tree, her legs spread, while trying to grab The Apple. One more time, the hairy slit gives himself to his look. It’s freed, seems sweet and smiles to him. And, in the not totally educated Adam’s spirit, it seems to appeal him, radiating a sweet and lightly acidulous smell which comes to him water in mouth. And all of a sudden, he can’t wait anymore.

‘Eve! Come here!’ he orders impatiently. He’s coveting up of Eve’s thigh. ‘Leave The Apple alone!
Why?’ Eve is surprised. ‘I was just about to succeed…’ she says while touching with finger The so much desired Apple.

‘Come on, now.’ And in a fit of sudden inspiration, Adam adds. ‘There is a snake here which would want well to talk with you.


Taken aback, Eve stops and, while raising her eyes, looks at Adam. And while she’s looking over his anatomy, astonishment in Eve eyes make way for irony. She goes down the tree, smoothly and, with feline relaxation, approaches Adam.

‘I’m wondering about which mouth this snake wants to talk with…

Errr… It’s a snake which has a very little mouth and no ear. It’s blink and almost deaf… So, it needs an attentive listening and a big and welcoming mouth which will be able to talk with it and touch it without frightening, as sweet and fluffy as a peach and warming and juicy as a mango gorged with sunlight…’   Adam answers sweetly with a deceitfully innocent charming air.
‘A snake with wide neck because of his almost deafness which needs sweet and humidity, blind, with a very little mouth?… Well… And how can this so unable and unappealing snake express itself?
‘Errrr… it spits a lot! Its sputum is seed, fertilizing almost everything, peaches as well as mangoes. But, it feels so alone that it spits everywhere and loses every control, while wasting its seed which, finally, fertilize nothing! It is perhaps not very dexterous but it’s very generous!’  answers Adam full of hope and smiling with all his self-confidence.
‘Really… It reminds me a very similar story, very similar that Liltih told me. A fable about a thing called sex, lost and famished. A very sad sex, blind and deaf too, never understood, making always its distress clear from everybody, jumping on everything that was on its road, perfectly stupid. Wandering and sighing with never end about a paradise it had supposedly lost, even though it would meet it everywhere…’ Eve says with her eyes in vague and teasing pout.
‘A story of se… of what?’ Adam gulps suddenly disconcerted and strangely feeling naked, despite, until now, he never thought about it.

‘Mmmmm… Lilith talked to me about this sss…nake, you know…’ Eve says while pointing at the special thing which goes up a bit more, claiming the skilled Eve’s fingers caress.
‘Ah?!’ says Adam a little bit troubled and looking at this special thing which seems to have its own life and that Adam named “snake” without a real thinking.
‘So, well…’ Eve moistens her lips while thinking. That it’s finished to panic Adam’ senses who would like to begin seriously to talk and proffers himself to Eve like a young sprouting to the sun, avid for warmth and light.

Eve, while sighing, raises her melancholic eyes toward The Apple. And then, she turns herself toward Adam and looks at him intensively. She seems to oscillate between suspicion and curiosity.

‘let’s see it’ Eve says after a while which Adam find really very long. She takes his hand and adds: ‘Let’s discover what kind of conversation this snake could deliver…’

‘Gosh! Thinks Adam, little bit troubled, I don’t even know if it can talk!…’ But being all excited and without more tergiversation, his turgid snake before him, Adam hurries closed to Eve who lies down lasciviously and gets settled for the discussion. Spreading her legs, she open a large and humid mouth which one overtakes a little cute tongue which Adam had never noticed and turns upside his spirit down. Then, he plunges into the conversation with pleasure and ardour and nearly, discusses wildly with Eve whose doesn’t need to be persuaded.

‘Goddamn! What a marvelous thing it is!’ Adam exclaims with a stuck dumb smile while beginning this conversation which never stop to obsess him and ever want to begin it again and again and again. Even so, working every time as obsessively, he will ever dream with regret of The Apple taste, eaten by Eve from a long time ago.

It’s because men always seem to talk seriously, despising the so frisky women, not saying anything important and women, under excuse of droning, tell themselves deep thing and wait patiently but not without mocking that men come with women and tell about themselves on their turn.

Hero-ticism 3

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