My life,

your story.


come back reception


So, this is the concept :

I give you a little material, a minimum, but it’s not an obligation to use it, and you write yourself my biography.

I know, it’s a concept. And as every concept, it can be very beautiful on paper and a disaster in realization.

But, if you are a little bit player like I am, and a minimum serious, because there is no question you shouldn’t sweat a little bit to write my life, quit messing around, it seems me that it could be entertaining to do. In any case, I will be very enjoyed to publish your Mary Blue Melville’s biography for a while. I will take it on like my real life, on radio, TV, newspaper and everywhere where famished curiosity will want to be nourished with story of “our” life. And then, after a while, I would move onto else life story, written by another, and again another, until curiosity will be completely satisfied or simply become absolutely incongruous by itself.

Make me laugh, dream, cry, or shout for horror, it’s all I want about you. Get me a good work, not anonymous because, without your name, I wouldn’t publish any text. Be proud of yourself, of your imagination, you are the only one to do that in this particularly way. In this meantime…

For your participation and your work, I thank you in advance.

For your enthusiasm, I kiss you with fervour.



Mary Blue Melville





Il penchait la tête; ses rides en éventail choisissaient férocement l’instant où il se penchait vers les femmes pour accuser son masque fripé de vieux comédien. Je l’aimais bien et c’est pour un séducteur que la cinquantaine dévore, le plus impitoyable verdict. […]

– Amable, parlez-moi de la Païva.

– Pff! fit-il, j’ai connu mieux! J’ai connu la plus belle femme d’Europe, cette comtesse de Mercy-Argenteau qui fut la dernière passion de l’empereur. Je la revois au Bois, quand deux poneys aux pieds de biche emportaient son petit chapeau. Beaucoup connue, beaucoup connue!

Je savais qu’il fallait entendre : “Beaucoup aimée, beaucoup aimée!” Il s’assit et croisa les jambes. Son chapeau, sa canne et ses gants avaient l’air de rêver mélancoliquement à d’autres antichambres.

Extract, I can’t translate because of my conscientiousness and a little bit of my laziness, of “Douce” novel of Michel Davet, nom de plume of Hélène Marty. The first novel in my library with “The tuesday club murder” of Agatha Christie.

This extract remind me always of this so elegant french actor, Mister Jean-Pierre Cassel.


Franz Ferdinand.

“Right word, right thought, right action” an example very telling for my writing. But, of course, every tube on this album and also, “Tonight”, “Ulysses”…

Les Rita Mitsouko.

All and all and all…

Friend’s bedroom

Your little words or the beginning of a great work, as you want. Anonymous (for readers, not for me. I'll never edit your text if I don't know who you are. I warn you, you're warned) or in plain sight, you just have to tell me. This space, it's your space.

My Words

PavésBleusObviously, I'm sure you think that I put too much pictures on my author website... It's not just to decorate it but to get you to sleep and outwit your vigilance, and at this point, infiltrate your mind ready to receive  My Words, medium of your dream...

Don't search, you are hypnotized. That's all.

So well, you let go and read my book, yes or shit!

(Sorry to be so rude, it's a french obligation...)

Oh yes, I know, you can't read my texts, they aren't translate, only some of them : beginning of "My Benedict Butterfly" and "Ghost Munster", presentation of "A very special game", first text in "Hero-ticism" series, all texts in "misguided ways" and tow of Tv series. It's not only for french but, I recognize that, essentially for them for the moment. I promise to make my possible to translate them.

I have the project to live in England to be completely bilingual by the way. You can see that I'm very decided for! And if you want to help me to realize my English dream, I will be very happy to read your suggestions and better your propositions of work! Thanks a lot...


Mary Blue

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