About the writer

Who am I ?

At least, for civil status, I’m a women.
… Er… Wait a minute…
I verify.
Two tits, one pubis, two pairs of lips. So, if I beleive in my anatomy and my two pregnancies, no doubts. But anyway, it depends what you hear by being a woman or even a man. Personally, I don’t like label, it’s too much little as identity card. I prefer, and so much more, to be just me, included Mary Blue Melville, of course. It’s very much funny, big and interesting.

What do I do ?

On your shelf ? On your desk ? On your screen computer ?

It seems me clear. I write to you.
This said you’re wrong to content yourself only with this because I paint, draw, shoot, I act comedy, I sing in my shower, play, dream, think, love and do this everything with feeling of a terrible lack of time.

Where do I come from ?

I can gladly confess you I come from a big family, full of all sorts of people, both sweet and annoying, and even from North, from France, university curriculum, Plastics Arts, from inside of my mother and maternity ward a day of cold, really hard !

Why do I write to you ?

Have I no thing else to do ? … Certainly not ! I’m absolutely busy !
Am I a writer ? … Certainly, but this I didn’t know before I began to write.
Did I besiege everywhere I turned myself and the only reaction I had was to write ?! … Absolutely. And if that can’t answer to the question, I don’t know what to answer. So, you will answer yourself to the question, me, I have a lot of things else to do. Write mad stories, for example…


Mary Blue Melville


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