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Mr Bankropft meet Mary Maude on the web. “Stupefaction” is the first word he can think then hope that, perhaps, in finaly, someone could help him…  

Ho, so happy english people! This video is in english, only for you… er… not only for you, it’s just like this by hazard but you can enjoy and see it completely relaxed, it was marked by the english thatcher.

Keep cool and enjoy it!



How every thing is happened…

One day, I decided… no.

One day, I got up. And an irrepressible need to talk, understand and write in english bumped into me slyly during the night.

It was so imperative that it was no question to do something else. So I decided to learn english language, one more time. Before to go to the Great Britain, I said to myself : ” Well… and if I would make a video… Just to present myself. I take it with me and I would show it to the BBC?!…”

What ? Presumptuous ? Cocky yourself !

Absolutely, I have no fear. A chance, because if I was like you, completely frightened, I would never make any thing and I would be again in my kitchen to peel onions… Oh god! I love to peel onions, I was completely mad! “I’m a bloody fourty woman!” I thought with stupefaction and I prepared my luggage in front of my stunned husband. And then I took the Eurostar train with all my home or almost.

Why did I make a so crazy thing ? Because, I’m logical and for to learn english, the best is to speak it with english people. So, I went to London to be wright in the middle of english home, of english mind and, obviously, of english people, and, with enthusiasm and excitement, I arrived in the university and I met… Chinese, Japanese, Colombian, Thai, Brazilian, Turc, Spanish and, with horror, French people! Thank you very much english university!

Anyway, I loved it. Oh yes! Everybody was interesting and so young! That, it was not always enjoying. But I learn so much thing! And now I think that every thing is possible.

Of course the BBC never answered me but it’s not a problem because, the woman on my video became a novel character in my mind and a lot of scene, action, situation and other characters grew up. Now, I have the story. It’s not written for the moment but every thing is there.

I can’t explain exactly how all that is happened but I can say to you one thing. When you let your deep desire drive your acts, you find always something so new and exciting that you will never regret to have done what you have done.

By the way if you read my novel “My Benedict Butterfly”, it gives you still a little idea of what’s happened…


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Oh yes, I know, you can't read my texts, they aren't translate, only some of them : beginning of "My Benedict Butterfly" and "Ghost Munster", presentation of "A very special game", first text in "Hero-ticism" series, all texts in "misguided ways" and tow of Tv series. It's not only for french but, I recognize that, essentially for them for the moment. I promise to make my possible to translate them.

I have the project to live in England to be completely bilingual by the way. You can see that I'm very decided for! And if you want to help me to realize my English dream, I will be very happy to read your suggestions and better your propositions of work! Thanks a lot...


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    Sorry but this is not translated. Read it later. Thank.


    A very special game


    Monsieur Bankroft a des sueurs froides en pensant à cet imbroglio dans lequel il s’est retrouvé… ou dans lequel il s’est mis… Il ne sait plus. Tout semble sur le point d’exploser ou de le submerger. Si au moins il trouvait une idée, un début de quelque chose…

    C’est alors que Mr. Bankroft naviguant sur la toile du net comme chaque fois que les angoisses le prenaient, clique sur une petite annonce vidéo postée sur YouTube. Qui peut bien poster son CV sur YouTube?

    Nom de nom! pense Mr Bankroft, qu’est-ce que c’est que cette chose… femme?

    Abasourdi, il regarde les trois minutes de vidéo qui est comme une espèce de lettre de motivation mêlée d’un curriculum vitae le tout en image et en musique. Et lorsque la musique n’illustre plus que les coordonnées de la dame, Gérard Bankroft, soudain pris de transe, se jette sur un stylo et le bloc note qui n’attendait que ça à côté de son ordinateur portable, et écrit frénétiquement le nom du mail de Mary H. D. Maude.

    Enfin, soupire-t-il, j’ai trouvé de l’aide. Un rayon de lumière vient éclairer les jours si sombres qui s’annonçaient et Gérard se lève le sourire aux lèvres. En faisant des sauts de cabri de soulagement et de joie, il va se servir un bon verre de Gevrey-Chambertain, ce qu’il n’avait plus fait depuis des mois. Il ne le sait pas mais il vient d’être contaminé par la “Maude-ite”. C’est l’effet que fait Mary H. D. Maude quand on la croise, toujours par hasard mais jamais sans en être profondément changé…




    A very special game


    Chapiter 1 : When Mister Bankroft was still untroubled…


    Mister Bankroft was in the bus to go to the college where he served as a professor of biology when, one more time, he noted this man. Tall, brown, a businessman’s attaché case at the hand, he was reading the sport column of the London Evening Standard since a long time and he visibly didn’t understand anything because he knit his brow with keeping daily in reverse.

    Very special… Very sleazy, he said to himself while observing secretly, with a discreet smile on his lips.

    But… Yesterday, he was mustached, Mr. Bankroft took him back to. Absolutely ! He was behind fruit and veg stall in Marks & Spencer’s shop. He had shop’s apron and cleaned apples up in the middle of onions and never realize that an old lady looked daggers at him. That it was already very funny. And on Tuesday, two days before, now he was thinking about it, he saw him with beard and very vindictive behavior at the post, serving a poor stammering and completely stunned Pakistani. This one was very shocked in front of absolutely lack of english good manners. Gérard Bankroft knew that it was the same man because he used to notice instantaneously feature of people’s body. It was his particularly feature, to note the particularity on a face which is always for him a special landscape.

    [at this point, it’s not translated. Sorry, it’s for later, I hope…] Il imprimait dans sa mémoire les structures faciales et les classait instantanément et presque inconsciemment par thème : ossature plate, bombée, sourire en demi-lune, œil “goutte de gras fondu”, “feuille de troène”, ou “ver de bois”, lèvres “chenille”, “limace”, ou “plat à tajine”, laissant libre court à son imagination de biologiste et de cuisinier. Il avait même fait un catalogue personnel des différents grands groupes de visages avec des recoupements inter-raciales, s’amusant de reconnaître chez un asiatique les caractères particuliers et marquants d’un autre visage, africain celui-là, aperçu quelques temps plus tôt ou, encore, le même nez busqué qui faisait rapprocher les yeux de cet anglais hargneux de “pure souche” et qui se retrouvait dans le visage de ce gitan agressif venu de Roumanie. Et cet homme, qu’il avait remarqué toute cette semaine, déguisé différemment, avait une structure osseuse très particulière qui donnait l’impression que son front et son menton avaient du mal à suivre son nez qui était passé devant en entraînant tout le reste. Un homme mené par le bout de son nez, pensa Gérard Bankroft le visage impassible mais l’œil frisant de malice.

    à suivre…




    A very special game. Hangers-on!!


    read more


     My visual impression…


    I know that I’ll tell you in the hangers-on get you angry but I can’t help entrusting you that, when I think about Mr Bankroft, I see the nice face and the politely surprised look of Hugh Grant. I always want to put him in embarrassing situation or make him dazed, or dumbfounded. He makes it so deliciously.

    So, if you could foward him this story and say him that a great screen player and amazing diractor,… absolutely! Wait few wee… mon… years, you will stop to mock,…  ahem… in short, that a charming woman, … or gentle… Could I write it, perhaps ? Now ?… Anyway, that someone dream to shoot and play with him, you will be very kind. Thank you so much.

    As for Mary H. D. Maude, so, I think it’s clear, it’s me that I see.

    And for action, London is always my favorite place. To tell there stories, is for me a real pleasure. Story steep so majestically this city which is otherwise so modern. Everything is possible here, Harry Potter, Agatha Christie and James Bond. Blend is melancholic, indolent and suddenly with a sophisticated cruelty.


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